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Siobhan Williams Reveals How Important Until Dawn Was To Prep Her Role Of Laura In The Quarry – Exclusive



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Siobhan Williams said that while she revisited “Until Dawn” as a way to prepare for her role in “The Quarry,” she was excited to learn that it was not a sequel to its blockbuster predecessor, but rather its own horrifying entity.

“When we were making it, I knew that it was the follow-up, but everyone at Supermassive and everyone we were working with were stressing, ‘It’s not a sequel. It’s not the sequel to “Until Dawn.”‘ I [said], ‘I know, but I love “Until Dawn” so much. I hope that it’s still associated,'” Williams recalled for Looper in an exclusive interview. “When [Game Informer published an article] that said it was the ‘spiritual successor,’ I [said], ‘That’s perfect. That’s a perfect way of saying it,’ because it is. It’s the same breath as ‘Until Dawn,’ but unrelated in lots of ways. I was so happy to be associated with that game because I’m such a super massive fan of it.”



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