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‘Sister Wives’ Opinion: Kody Brown Thinks Christine Brown’s Decision Was ‘Rushed’ Because He Was Arrogant Enough to Believe She’d Never Leave Him

It’s official; Sister Wives fans largely hate Kody Brown. As season 17 of the famed reality series wears on, Kody is getting worse and worse. Some of his recent behavior is incredibly perplexing, like his sudden interest in spending time with Truely Brown. Still, some of his behavior is wholly expected if you view Kody through a different lens. In several episodes, Kody has claimed Christine Brown “blindsided” him with her divorce proclamation. Most recently, he’s claimed Christine is “rushing” the process and once theorized that Christine wanted to move to Utah to get his “stink” off her. We don’t think Kody is confused by Christine’s move; he’s just surprised. He’s surprised by the sudden urgency because he’s spent years arrogantly assuming Christine would never leave him. 

Kody Brown seems to want his wives to leave him, theorized ‘Sister Wives’ fans 

After Kody Brown opted to divorce his first legal wife to marry his fourth legal wife, Sister Wives fans knew the writing was on the wall. When Meri Brown was caught up in a catfishing scandal, it was obvious that polygamy wasn’t nearly as great as the Browns claimed. Now, years after Kody married Robyn and Meri was catfished, Kody has admitted that he doesn’t believe in the principle of polygamy any longer. At the very least, he isn’t endorsing it as a way of life. 



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