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Skyesports COD Mobile POVA Cup Invitational: Invited Teams, Schedule, Format and More


  • Tecno Mobile in Partnership Skyesports had announced details related to COD Mobile India Pova CUP Invitational Season 1.
  • The event is set to commence from 27 January 2023 with eight direct teams.
  • These eight teams will compete for the ultimate championship title along with the lion’s share of an undisclosed prize pool.
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Indian leading esports tournament organiser, Skyesports in partnership with Tecno announced COD Mobile Tournament earlier last month. Dubbed as Call of Duty Mobile India Pova Cup, the tournament will be held through out the year 2023. Yesterday, Smartphone brand TECNO Mobile had announced eight of the India’s top teams which are directly invited to compete in the first season of the event.

Here is all you need to know about the tournament like match days, event schedule and format, livestream details, invited teams and more as revealed by Skyesports and Tecno Mobile.

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Skyesports POVA Cup COD Mobile Invitational: Complete Details 

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Image via Skyesports

Skesports has not disclosed complete information regarding the Call of Duty Mobile Invitational tournament, but the company has shared few of the important aspects related to the event. Following are the eight teams that have received direct invites to compete in this first invitational event of Pova Cup India.

  1. GodLike Esports
  2. Revenant Esports
  3. Anthem
  4. Team XO
  5. Nirvana
  6. Fenrir United Rebirth
  7. 5 & A Half Men
  8. Nexus

The invited teams will compete in the event that will unfold over five weeks of intense action, kicking off from 27 January to 26 February 2023, on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week. The event will follow a round-robin stage where each team will face off against each other once. 


  • The POVA Cup COD Mobile Invitational will begin with the Group Stage, in which the eight invited teams will compete in a round robin style.
  • Fans will be in for a treat to watch a total of 28 thrilling matches, with each team playing each other at least once.
  • Following the Group Stage, the top four teams from the overall standings will advance for the next stage i.e., Playoffs.
  • During the Playoffs stage, the four qualified teams will compete in a double-elimination tournament, from which the top two teams advance for the Grand Finals.
  • The champion of COD Mobile India Invitational will be determined in the deciding match between the top two teams, which promises to be a thrilling finale.

Skyesports or Tecno had not revealed the prize pool for the event and we could expect some news around it in the coming days soon.


Date Match 1 Match 2
27 January GodLike vs RNT Anthem vs XO
28 January Rebirth vs 5 & Half Nirvana vs nexus
29 January RNT vs Anthem GodLike vs XO

Where to Watch

The tournament will be livestreamed on the Skyesports YouTube channel, in multiple languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the tournament in their preferred language.

The event will be separated into seasons and is predicted to be one of India’s largest esports championships for the mobile shooting game to date. Following a fierce battle amongst elite players from throughout the country, the tournament’s grand final will be place at the end of 2023, revealing the overall champion. This competition will feature thousands of participants from throughout the country, and the battle will definitely be exciting to watch.

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