Slipknot Fans Are Confused After They Delete Craig Jones’s Leaving Post

Slipknot fans were left confused after the band announced in a now-deleted post that they have parted ways with longtime sampler and keyboardist Craig Jones.

Here is everything you need to know.

Slipknot has seemingly replaced longtime member Craig Jones

Slipknot recently took to their official social media account to announce that Craig Jones has left the band after being the group’s keyboard player for the last 27 years.

They wrote, ‘To our fans, Slipknot is announcing that we have parted ways with Craig Jones. We wish Jones all the best for the future.’

If you didn’t know, Jones became a member of Slipknot in 1996 a year after the metal group was established.

However, fans were confused after the nine-piece subsequently deleted the online announcement.

Moreover, fans could not help but speculate that Slipknot has seemingly replaced Jones.

The band shared a picture of a new masked man on their Instagram handle not long after revealing the news about Jones’s departure

In addition, in the new picture, the person is seen wearing a black mask whose mouth is sealed shut with a zipper. Additionally, the menacing figure’s eye sockets seem to be creepy. 

Meanwhile, the announcement comes after Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan admitted that he is taking a hiatus from live concerts.

Furthermore, he shared that he needs some time away to be with his wife who reportedly is suffering from unknown health issues.

Fans react to Craig Jones leaving Slipknot

Many fans of Slipknot took to their respective social media networks to express their confusion about whether Craig Jones had left the band or not.

A user wrote, ‘Girl what the f*ck is this.’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘So you announce the separation and remove it just as quickly and replace it with this? Give Craig justice for having been a part of the band for 27 years.’

However, others appeared to be keeping their fingers crossed and hoped that Jones has not left the band but instead has changed his appearance.

One fan penned, ‘I’m hoping they made us think Craig left only to have him dramatically switch his mask and still be in.’

A different user pointed out, ‘The eyeholes and the way the zipper goes across is an exact resemblance to Craig’s old mask. Maybe it’s a parting to Craig’s mask he’s had the same for years now and starting a new persona.’

Another fan commented, ‘We gonna address the elephant in the room?’


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