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Slovakia Has Detained 2,000 Migrants & 130 Smugglers This Year so Far

The Slovak Ministry of the Interior has revealed that this year about 2000 immigrants and 130 smugglers have been detained. This year so far

Such data also show that only on the first day of this month, October 1, a total of 68 illegal immigrants were stopped by the authorities of Slovakia, reports.

“We are carefully monitoring the situation. The fact is that we are solving the problem of illegal migration continuously and for a long time,” the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, Roman Mikulec pointed out in this regard.

According to him, the current situation requires careful monitoring.

The resort also provides basic needs where tents are erected, and food and heaters are distributed as necessary. In addition, the Ministry provides basic needs for the affected areas if the situation requires it. However, if necessary, the district offices under the Ministry of Interior will also be available to help.

“There are currently several tents set up in the field, we distributed baguettes, water, we provided blankets and heaters,” Director General of the Crisis Management Section of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic also noted.

Regarding illegal migration, the Department of the Interior ensured tents with tables and benches provided by the Fire and Rescue Service and the District Office in Trnava under the coordination of the Crisis Management Section.

The Department provided unimo cells too which serve as premises for the members of the Police Force. Whereas the tents are intended as a waiting room for detainees where foreign persons are presented and are awaiting the execution of the actions of the Police Forces. In addition, a mobile toilet is also provided at the Čunovo-Rajka and Rusovce-Rajka border crossings.

Previously, the Czech Republic announced that the number of illegal immigrants arriving in the country had increased significantly this year, with around 3,651 people crossing the border through Slovakia since August 21.

Thus, in August, the Czech Republic started a two-day practice of border control on its border with Slovakia, where at more than 20 railway and road border points, the police carried out identity checks. However, on September 28, the Czech Republic decided to reintroduce internal border controls with Slovakia to prevent illegal migrants from using its territory to transit into Germany.

Similarly to the Czech Republic, the Austrian authorities decided to re-establish controls at the border points with Slovakia due to the increased flow of illegal immigrants. Moreover, controls were restored on Saturday, September 29, at 11 border points.



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