Smash Mouth Defends Kim Kardashian’s ‘All Star’ Tribute Amid Steve Harwell Controversy

Kim Kardashian has been accused of being disrespectful towards late Steve Harwell though Smash Mouth has come to defend the former. It was recently that after years of health struggle lead vocalist of Smash Mouth passed away. Everyone paid their tribute to the singer. But it seems ... of Kim has not gone well with many.

Read ahead to know more about Smash Mouth defending Kim Kardashian for being accused of being disrespectful towards late Steve Harwell.

The demise of Smash Mouth vocalist Steve Harwell

Smash Mouth has been one of the popular band with its lead vocalist Steve Harwell being amazing every time. Though destiny had some other plans for him he recently passed away at the age of 56. The manager of Harwell revealed to Rolling Stone that the singer is no more.

In his statement, the manager informed that Harwell died “peacefully and comfortably”. Tributes have been pour ing in ever since then on social media for the late Smash Mouth band member. However, amid this, a post of Kim Kardashian has been grabbing the attention of all.

Kim Kardashian’s post goes viral amid demise of Steve Harwell

Everyone has been paying their tribute to the late Steve Harwell. It seems Kim Kardashian had her own way to pay her tribute to the singer. She went on to post a pic of herself on social media wearing a gold bikini. But it was the caption that made many relate it to Steve Harwell.

The caption Kim read “All that glitters is gold”. Though she might have written it for her swimsuit. Many on the internet were quick to notice that her caption is a line in the lyrics of Smash Mouth’s hit track “All Star”. Certainly, as such netizens couldn’t stop reacting to ... of Kim.

Netizens slams Kim Kardashian for her post

For all those who have come across the bikini post of Kim Kardashian. They have found its connection with the demise of Steve Harwell. In fact, owing to the same reason now, Kim has been facing backlash on social media.

One of the user wrote, “Posting a thirst trap with the caption being a dude who just died is crazy”. Although Smash Mouth seems to have defended Kim. As one user under ... of the band wrote “People saying ‘too soon’ really didn’t knew Steve and it shows lol”. To which they reacted “exactly”.

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