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‘SNL’ Alum Amy Poehler Reveals What She Really Thinks About TikTok

While Amy Poehler might be one of the most prolific comedians on TV, she hasn’t embraced all comedic mediums. The former Saturday Night Live star lives perpetually in YouTube clips of her best work on the variety show, and starred in a number of movies including Sisters, Baby Mama, Mean Girls, and as a voice actor in Inside Out

For all her success as the perpetually sunny Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, and now running her own production company, Poehler hasn’t cracked the code in adding social media quips to her repertoire. And while some might assume she’s simply not interested, that’s not quite the truth. In fact, Poehler is a big fan of some of the platforms — she’s just not sure she’s going to move beyond lurking and admiring what other content creators are already doing. 



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