Some of you its inside gutter you will be buried – Portable advises artistes to build houses and ‘’reduce the volume of their fake lives’

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Some of his colleagues in the entertainment industry, according to singer Habeeb Olawunmi, aka Portable, would end up buried in the gutter because they neglected to construct homes while they were still living.

The artist claimed that although he has received jeers for having mansions in the trenches, at least he has them in the video he posted on Instagram this morning. He claimed to have more landed properties in the Ajah region and to be in the process of buying yet another one.

He criticized performers who choose to live false lives rather than making investments in things like real estate. He claimed that when such people pass away, their families won’t have anywhere to bury them.

‘’They have been insulting me that I built a house in the trenches. You know how many houses I have in the trenches? Different kinds of mansions, like ten. It is not all of my properties that you guys will know. Even in the Lekki-Ajah side, I have bought a land and I am building a house. I am even paying for a house near Osapa-London. I have so many things.

Some don’t have a house. Don’t worry. Be lying. Reduce the volume of your fake life so your helper doesn’t start calling you a mentor. Some people it is inside the gutter that they will be buried. Be doing fake life. If you die, you don’t have a house, you have nothing.”