Somebody tell Jay-Z to stop copying me – Mr. Eazi starts his own ‘vawulence’ with American rapper

Nigeria’s Mr. Eazi has asked influential rapper Jay Z to stop copying him and just like a lot of people, we are equally bemused and confused about what exactly he’s driving at.

This is because his message offered no additional exposition on what he meant by Jay Z should stop copying him or the premise of his warning.

Well, be reminded that he issued the admonishing after Jay Z closed its second fund with $325 million. Sharing the photo, Mr Eazi appealed to social media users to beg Jay Z to stop copying him.

Marcy Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that is interested in investing in startups with consumer products and services, and digital media and technologies. It was co-founded by Jay Z in 2019.

Mr. Eazi himself a brief stint as a tech co-founder, having started the popular gadget store ‘obiwezy’. He is also the founder of Empawa Africa and Zagadat Capital. Zagadat Capital recently invested $9m in PawaPay, a company that aids people send and receive money internationally.

The singer’s Zagadat Capital plans to direct funding to startups and businesses that will power Africa’s tech future. With its recent investment in PawaPay, Zagadat Capital is building a continent financially connected within itself and the international community. He has also laucnched the $20 million Africa Music Fund (AMF) to invest in the careers of African music talents.

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