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Sophia Bush and the One Tree Hill female stars co-stars detailed an uncomfortable Maxim photoshoot

Back in the early 2000s ladies One Tree Hill They were icons, especially for the women and girls who grew up loving the show. In 2006 during the fourth season of the show, three actresses on the show, Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Danielle Ackles appeared on the cover of Maxim. Now, both Bush and Burton, along with their partner Bethany Joy Lenz, have opened up about misogyny and abuse of power on the set of the shoot.

Burton started the conversation about shooting the magazine on One Tree Hill Re-watch the podcast Drama queenssaying:

Guess who was wearing the pants at Maxim? this person! Guys, I’ve been keeping these white jeans for a long time. You showed up that day and you were such a good bitch. This is naughty, like a child. I was like, I’m wearing pants. I am uncomfortable. Put me in the pants. So I kept these white jeans as proof [that decision].



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