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Soulja Boy’s Apology Goes Wrong: Wild Rant Follows Viral Rant Against New Jersey

It turns out Soulja Boy’s attempt to apologize for his recent viral rant against New Jersey and people who choose food stamps over dinner with him was nothing more than a diatribe filled with threats. By apologizing for his previous tirade, Soulja Boy attempted to right his wrongs on Monday (March 27). During the 7:45 mark of the video below, Soulja announced he would be going live right now to speak to all of his fans in New Jersey. I feel like I overreacted as a result of the video yesterday. I haven’t even watched the video. N’ggas’ caption caught my eye, so I got on my livestream and went live. Someone in the comment section told Soulja Boy he’d been banned from The Garden State, and things quickly went downhill from there. It’s just that I’m trying to be nice. We’re talking about you being banned from New Jersey, huh?

You b*gga, f*ck New Jersey, n*gga. That stuff is gonna get blown up by us. I’m saying that, man. There’s no need for me to apologize, there’s no need for me to talk about this crap. You suck my d*ck, n*gga. Fuck New Jersey, you n*gga. And f*ck all you fans. Suck my dck, n*gga. I always try to apologize and keep it right here, but I never get to keep it right… Fck New Jersey, n*gga. It all began when the New Jersey-based Instagram page 856 Entertainment posted video polling people on the street and asking them if they would rather get $250 in food stamps or have a meal with Big Draco. Soulja Boy took issue with everyone’s EBT contribution, and in a now-viral video, he blasted everybody involved, including the state of New Jersey.

Rapper Soulja Boy’s Apology For A Viral Rant About Not Having Dinner With Him Turned Into Another Frenzy Rant Online

The reputation of New Jersey isn’t the best in the world, and Soulja Boy knows that firsthand. In some ways, New Jerseyans have been accused of having bad attitudes, thanks in part to shows like The Sopranos and Jersey Shore. While neither show contributed to Soulja Boy’s overall issues with the state, it was rather some of the residents who had attitudes towards him. There were plenty of women who chose to receive $250 in food stamps over dinner with Soulja Boy when asked. Obviously, the “Crank Dat” star was not pleased with the way New Jersey residents viewed him. His Instagram Live was filled with rants against the entire state while quoting Chief Keef’s Faneto. I could not be with those bites. All you nobodies are going to die in the hood, you’re all going to die broke, and you’re never gonna touch a dollar.

There’s no way you’ll hit $30 million in a day, you’re never going to hit $100K in a day, you’re gonna die broke, you’re going to live your whole life broke, you’re a b**ch. After blowing up in the state of New Jersey, he apologized to his fans on Instagram. Right now I am going to go live to shout out to all my New Jersey fans. As far as the video is concerned, I think I overreacted yesterday,” Draco said. I haven’t even watched the video. The caption was what sold me to go live and started a rant, Soulja Boy responded. In response to a commenter, he subsequently retracted his apology after learning he would not be able to enter New Jersey for a period of time. In recent news, Soulja Boy was one of several celebrities charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with crypto violations.



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