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Spacefinish: 5 years of immense impact rebuilding African workspaces

But such was the brilliance of the Google office that people who came into the space regularly inquired about the brain that conceptualized the design and brought it to life. The credit and referrals that followed meant that what was supposed to be the end became the beginning of a remarkable journey for his company – Spacefinish, which has now lasted five years, with no end in sight.

Spacefinish has become the foremost design-and-build company reimagining workspaces and lifestyles across Africa. Originally beginning as a design-only firm, Spacefinish would take the industry by storm when it veered impactfully into executing its own portfolios of fit-outs and new build projects from start to finish.

Spacefinish influence has spread across sectors and borders, simplifying present-day work life by familiarizing Africans with the future of work: from Google to Venture Garden Group, Facebook, Twitter, Flutterwave, and the International Airports in Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Spacefinish has successfully implemented P.I.C (Productivity Innovation and Collaboration) as essential components in its designed spaces delivering remarkable benefits for its clients and end users such as enhanced productivity, strengthened collaboration with their teams, along with increased social interaction between people. This has resulted in a substantial improvement in the return to the office after the pandemic, ultimately leading to greater success for these businesses. While every landmark individuals now achieve at work as a result of improved productivity will inspire self-fulfillment, pride, and self-actualization.

Following their giant leaps since 2018, and particularly in 2022, the team of 70+ professionals and consultant partners continues to look into how to better improve lifestyle as Spacefinish further ventures to position itself in the real estate and construction scene driving towards its core vision of creating and building a better world for everyone to work and live in.

Their insight into the continent’s business ecosystem, as well as the quality of analysis and design thinking has led to the birth of its many next-big ideas, one that continues to revolutionize work and lifestyle, while underlining Spacefinish’s impact in the industry in 2023 and well beyond.

Spacefinish in 2023: Building products with maximum impact.

With 2023 billed for the Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, ICT, Media, and Entertainment sectors among others, Spacefinish is persistent in its vision to reconstruct and reshape expectations regarding working and lifestyle architecture on the African continent.

As the company continues to create products that impact people’s livelihood through its residential development projects, office rentals, and construction projects, Spacefinish is gradually becoming a household brand for real estate products.



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