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Spain: Muslim migrant sexually abuses two young women on bus



Policia Nacional

Why does this keep happening? In France, a Muslim quoted Qur’an while raping his victim. A survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK has said that her rapists would quote the Qur’an to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. Thus it came as no surprise when Muslim migrants in France raped a girl and videoed the rape while praising Allah and invoking the Qur’an. In India, a Muslim gave a Qur’an and a prayer rug to the woman he was holding captive and repeatedly raping. And the victim of an Islamic State jihadi rapist recalled: “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God…He said that raping me is his prayer to God.” In India, a Muslim kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old Hindu girl, and forced her to read the Qur’an and Islamic prayers. In Pakistan, another Christian woman recounted that her rapist was also religious: “He threw me on the bed and started to rape me. He demanded I marry him and convert to Islam. I refused. I am not willing to deny Jesus and he said that if I would not agree he would kill me.” Rapists demanded that another girl’s family turn her over to them, claiming that she had recited the Islamic profession of faith during the rape and thus could not live among infidels.

The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.

However, anyone who points all this out will be excoriated as a “racist” and an “Islamophobe,” and accordingly ignored.


“A Moroccan man has been arrested for sexually abusing several young women on a bus in Madrid,” translated from “Detienen a un marroquí por abusar sexualmente de varias jóvenes en un autobús de Madrid,” by Ari Castellanos, Altavoz de Sucesos, December 16, 2021 (thank to K.):

The National Police have arrested a 48-year-old Moroccan man for sexually abusing several young people during the journey of line 132 of the Municipal Transport Company that connects Moncloa with the Ciudad Universitaria area.

The detainee is a 48-year-old Moroccan man who has been arrested up to four times for various crimes. It was the EMT itself that alerted the National Police to various complaints filed by two young women who reported being sexually abused.

The aggressor took advantage of the influx of young users to abuse them. The assailant was arrested in late November after being discovered in flagrante.



Legendary Director Quentin Tarantino’s 26-Year-Old Godson Commits Suicide



QUENTIN godson suicide 01

We are witnessing a barrage of young people committing suicide.


And it’s not just “regular folks” who are suffering. In just the past two weeks, Sinead O’Connor’s teenage son committed suicide, Oscar-award-winning actress Regina King’s 26-year-old son committed suicide on his Birthday, and now Quentin Tarantino’s 26-year-old godson committed suicide.


What on earth is going on that so many young people feel so desperate and hopeless?

Gee, I wonder. The entire world has gone mad, and it doesn’t feel as if anything will ever go back to normal. That certainly can’t be helping matters, can it?

Despite suicide rates going down overall during the pandemic, there was a rise in one particular group: young people and minorities.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Goldie Hawn Turns Hollywood on It’s Head With Statement on Politics, “I Stay in My Lane”


US News reported that despite the anxieties and tumult of the COVID-19 pandemic, overall suicide rates in the United States fell by about 3% between 2019 and 2020.

But during the same time frame, suicides increased among people aged 10 to 34. They also rose among Black, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Hispanic males, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And once again, a young person has ended their life. Page Six reported that 26-year-old Hudson Madsen, has died in a “suspected suicide,” authorities told The Sun on Monday. He was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on Hawaii’s island of Oahu.



Hudson was the godson of Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino. His father, Michael, 64, and Tarantino, 58, have collaborated on multiple films together, including “Reservoir Dogs” and the two-part “Kill Bill.”

Michael is also dad to sons Calvin, 25, and Luke, 16, whom he shares with his wife DeAnna Madsen.

Hudson’s Facebook profile indicated that he lived in Wahiawa, Hawaii, with his wife, Carlie. According to photos posted to his social media pages, he served in the US Army and spent time in Afghanistan.



There is such a sense of hopelessness, and a feeling like nothing will ever be the same, and that has to be so hard for young people to process on top of everything else they’re dealing with.

It’s very sad, and shame on our government for not recognizing that and continuing these Draconian restrictions.


It’s only making matters worse.


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Virginia: Afghan Muslim refugee convicted of sexually assaulting 3-year-old girl at Quantico Marine base



quantico virgina airforce base

Note that Afghans arrived at “Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, Aug. 27, 2021. The Department of Defense, through U.S. Northern Command, and in support of the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security,” provided “transportation, temporary housing, medical screening, and general support for up to 50,000 Afghan evacuees at suitable facilities, in permanent or temporary structures, as quickly as possible.”

“According to court papers, Tariq tried to explain through interpreters that his conduct was acceptable in his culture.” He’s right, but Westerners who fear the “Islamophobia” label avoid discussion of this.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: I have been informed that `Aisha remained with the Prophet  for nine years (ie till his death). (Sahih Bukari 5134)

This leads to the acceptance of child marriage in the Muslim world and the justification of acts of pedophilia. Of course, not every Muslim ascribes to such acts, but since this is encoded in the Sharia, it cannot be rejected or reformed.


The West has now flung its doors open to masses of unvetted migrants from Afghanistan and other countries where such behavior (and much more, including misogyny, Islamic supremacy, Jew-hatred, the persecution of Christians, etc.) is acceptable.

“Afghan refugee convicted of sexually assaulting 3-year-old girl at Quantico,” Associated Press, January 24, 2022:

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A federal jury has convicted an Afghan refugee of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl at Quantico Marine Corps Base where he was housed.

Tariq was arrested in September at Camp Upshur in Quantico after Marines observed him fondling the girl, who was not related to him, above her clothes on her private parts.


According to court papers, Tariq tried to explain through interpreters that his conduct was acceptable in his culture. Efforts to have his statements suppressed were rejected by the judge.

Tariq, who was brought to Virginia after working alongside U.S. troops in Afghanistan……

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