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Spain Schengen Visa Appointments Fully Booked for Indian Travellers in the Next Month

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Citizens of India who were planning to apply for a Spain Schengen visa next month will not be able to do so, as all appointments for June are fully booked.

Announcing the news, the BLS International Services joint managing director, Shikhar Aggarwal, said that the demand keeps on increasing and the same stressed that they expect to register a high number of applications in the upcoming months, reports.

“Due to the very high demand for Spain, the appointments for Schengen visas are fully booked for the next month,” the statement of Aggarwal reads.

According to Aggarwal, the demand for a Spain short-term Schengen visa has been particularly high in recent months, with BLS recording over 10,000 applications per month since March, the Times of India explains.

As for the other months, data is yet to be revealed. However, it is expected that the number to reach a record high now that travellers are no longer subject to strict Coronavirus-related restrictions.

A high number of citizens of India apply for a Spain Schengen visa each year, despite the country rejecting a high number of applications.

Newly released data by Schengen Visa Statistics show that taking into account solely the number of rejected applications and not the rate, Spain was the second country to reject the highest number of Schengen visa applications in 2022.

In 2022, Spain rejected a total of 227,712 Schengen visa applications. The country was followed by Germany (167,517), Italy (92,186), and the Netherlands (70,566).

As for the rejection rate, data show that Malta, Sweden, Belgium, and France are the top four countries Schengen countries with the highest rejection rates in 2022.

In order to make sure that their visa application has a higher chance of being approved, Indians, as well as all other applicants, are advised to submit the necessary documents.

Since India has not reached any agreement on visa-free travel to the bloc, all of its citizens continue to be required to obtain a visa.

Indians applying for a Spain Schengen visa are required to submit the completed Spanish visa application form, their valid passport, two passport photos, and copies of previous visas and other relevant documents.

Moreover, Spain Schengen visa applicants must also submit proof of having purchased travel health insurance, a roundtrip flight itinerary, proof of having booked a place to stay in Spain, proof of sufficient financial means, and proof of civil status, among others.

Additional documents, such as a work contract and leave permission, may be required, too, depending on the occupational status of the applicants.

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