St Louis School wins Rotary Club quiz competition

St Louis School, Mokola, Ibadan has emerged the champions of the competition organised by the Rotary Club of Ibadan-Jericho Metro for over 25 public secondary schools in Oyo State.

The competition, aimed at involving the youth in nation building, saw St Louis School claiming the top prize ahead of Army Day Secondary School, Emmanuel College, and Government College, Ibadan, who claimed second, third and fourth position respectively at St. Brigid’s Secondary School, Mokola.

All the qualified schools and teachers were rewarded with consolation prizes apart from the branded bags and books given to the first three schools.

In her remarks, the Head Girl of the winning school, Olajide Eniola commended the Rotary Club of Ibadan-Jericho Metro for the initiative.

He said Rotary Club is a good organisation that is putting others’ needs before those of its members, and this has really helped a lot of lives.

“I’m happy that we were able to make our school proud at the competition, because we studied as if our lives depended on the competition and it worked out for us by emerging the winner.

“We are so proud of the club with the prizes given, especially the books to our library, which will allow students to gain more knowledge.”

Speaking, President of the Club, Mr Oluseye Diyan, said the competition was to improve academic performance of the students and also encourage them to study more.

Diyan encouraged other organisations to also emulate what Rotary Club are doing in order to  improve the quality of education in the state and the country at large.

“The programme ended well and the period of planning and execution all came successfully and I must thank the planning committee and members of the club for making the programmes a success and I’m very glad that we finished strong.

“I commend the effort of the students who participated and I’m particularly surprised about their knowledge about Rotary. We forwarded those materials to them a few days ago and they studied them well; this showed seriousness, commitment and I must say that I’m very proud of them.

“As you can see in the results, it was highly competitive; it shows the students know what they are doing. Everyone of them who participated actually merited that space of being part of this competition. I’m so proud of them.

“I will encourage them to focus on their studies, this is the time to work hard and I will encourage them not to be distracted.”