Stable Android 14 rumored to have been delayed till October

Android 14 stable release has been delayed until early October according to a new rumor. Initially, it was suspected that Google would release the stable version of the software today, September 5.

But it’s well past the time that Google would normally push out these releases. And now it seems like there’s a reason why users aren’t seeing the software available for download. The delay. This comes from Mishaal Rahman, who posted in a Telegram channel that Google appears to have a new release date for the software.

According to Rahman, the Android 14 source code for the stable release has been delayed until October. On top of that, it seems manufacturers are being told that the vulnerabilities from the Android 14 security release notes will be published specifically on October 4. Which suggests that this might be the new lunch date for the stable version of the software. Naturally, this is just a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed by Google yet. So it’s entirely possible you might see the stable release hit sometime this week or month.

Android 14 stable delayed until the Pixel 8 launch

The other thing to take into account here is that if this rumor is accurate, then Google is likely planning to launch Android 14 on the same day it officially announces the Pixel 8 series phones. October 4 is already confirmed as the next Pixel event. And with the security release notes vulnerabilities rumored to be published that day, a launch of the software on the same day seems reasonable.

It even kind of makes sense. As it always seemed a little weird new software didn’t launch the same day as Google’s flagship Android phones. All that being said, Rahman notes that September 5 was the originally planned release date. So this shift for public availability on the same day as the Pixel event may have just been the result of the delay. And not necessarily the reason for it. Either way, it seems users won’t be getting their hands on Android 14 just yet.