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Star Trek: Suzie Plakson Played Four Different Characters & No One Noticed

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Suzie Plakson holds a unique distinction in “Star Trek” mythos, but it’s far from her only claim to fame. She’s appeared in numerous other television series, such as “Love & War” and “Mad About You.” Her last acting credit was in 2014, reprising her role as Judy Eriksen in “How I Met Your Mother.”

Through all this time, she hasn’t forgotten her “Star Trek” roots. She’s appeared at conventions and has regularly done Q&As with some of her old co-stars. But over the last few years, she’s branched out into other artistic mediums. You can go to her website to see everything she’s been up to, including releasing her own music. In 2019, she published an original fantasy novel, “The Return of King Lillian.” She’s also an active sculptor. 

It’s obvious Plakson is a multitalented artist who’s not interested in being pigeonholed to one label. But “Star Trek” viewers will forever remember her as one of the most memorable and engaging recurring stars in the franchise. And truly invested “Star Trek” fans may be interested in downloading her audiobook, “The Poor Dead K’ehleyr Show,” which consists of 35 minutes of her discussing some behind-the-scenes factoids of her time playing various aliens.