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Stephen King Joins The Last Of Us Fans In Calling Bluff Over This Episode 3 Geography Detail

If there is one thing that Stephen King understands, it’s New England. The iconic genre writer hails from Maine and sets many of his beloved stories around the area. “It,” “Needful Things,” and “Dolores Claiborne” are just some titles that King has injected his roots into (via Vox). In addition to publishing mass amounts of books, King is also an avid watcher of television and active on social media, so it should come as no surprise that “The Last of Us” was on the horror writer’s list. And although Episode 3, “Long, Long Goodbye” has taken the internet by storm, King remained unimpressed with the show’s flagrant disregard for accuracy when it comes to Boston’s geography.

“THE LAST OF US. Episode 3: Do you really want to tell me that’s 10 miles west of Boston?” King posted on Twitter. The opening scene of the episode features a picturesque view of Joel by a stream, surrounded by woods and mountains. Not a totally unremarkable sight in the New England landscape, but that close to a metropolitan area? Probably not. King has some expertise in the area, as well as a myriad of locals who took to Twitter with similar sentiments.

User @hannahgais was just one who described: “[G]etting belligerently angry when ‘the last of us’ tries to claim that a mountainous terrain that’s clearly northwestern is ’10 miles west of boston.'” At least New Englanders get their Cumberland Farms representation to soothe their wounds.



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