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Stranger Things 4: Every Major Character From the Season, Ranked

When Stranger Things season one was released, it instantly became a phenomenon. The show gained so much response and feedback; millions of fans, with merchandise flying off shelves, and easily became one of Netflix’s most popular and sought-after shows, according to MSN. It has won countless awards, 63 in total, with 210 nominations, so it’s no surprise that Netflix has made four extremely successful seasons so far, with one left and on the way.

Season Four, Volume One of Stranger Thingswas released a few weeks ago, and still, it is all the buzz on social media platforms, says Variety. Notably, one of the most talked about topics relating to this season, are the characters, old and new. Every season the show adds a handful of new characters to support the plot, and they followed through this time around with a few great additions. The “old” characters also have each seemed to have their own side-plots throughout Volume One, and many shined in this season, while some were left out of the spotlight. There are many great characters in this show, so here are eleven of the best, ranked.

11 Mike Wheeler

Mike in season four is nothing like season one Mike. Sure, all the characters have developed and changed over the seasons, but for Mike, the plot has almost shied away from him this season. In Volume One, we’re not too concerned with what Mike is doing, while he’s mixed in with the California crew. It seems that his character development has taken a pause right now, but who knows what Volume Two has in store?

10 Johnathan Byers

Similar to Mike, we’re not getting much from Johnathan this season so far. Charlie Heaton, who plays the character, certainly does a great job of portraying the stoner that Jonathan has become, but it’s almost like things have gone stale for him (when he’s not being shot at). Like Mike, viewers aren’t that concerned about what Johnathan is doing, compared to other characters this season, but we’re still excited to see where things could head for him.

9 Will Byers

Have they forgotten about Will this season? It seems like Will’s story has moved to the back burner, and for the first time, he is not the object of the monster’s fixation. Will is able to take a break from the violence and actually be a high schooler… until spring break hits. In past seasons it’s been all about Will and his struggle to just be a kid, so this is a new side of him that we’re seeing in Volume One.

8 Lucas Sinclair

In Season four, Volume One, we’re introduced to a new Lucas; one who is now mixed in with the popular crowd, and doesn’t spend too much time with his original group of friends. Lucas is now a rising star athlete, but still proves he’s not too far gone, as he shows how much he still cares about Max, his grieving ex-girlfriend. From the trailers, Volume Two could be a pivotal moment for Lucas.

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7 Robin Buckley and Nancy Wheeler

In this season of Stranger Things, Robin and Nancy are the dynamic duo we didn’t know we needed until it was right in our faces. Maya Hawke brings comedy mixed with impeccable timing as Robin, and Natalia Dyer proves that she is not a damsel in distress (in case we already didn’t know that). Robin’s character shines as she gets more screen time and character development in Volume One, and proves to be an asset as she continuously helps Nancy and the older crew. Hawke joined the cast in season three, and has proven to be a great addition so far, while Dyer is the leader we all need in a show like this.

6 Argyle

Season four has introduced us to a handful of new characters, and it was one of the best things they could have possibly done. Argyle, played by Eduardo Franco, brings comedic relief (like Robin) and freshness. Argyle, a stoner and pizza connoisseur, is mixed-in with the California crew and easily falls into the swing of things with his constant use of “duuude”.

5 Eleven/Jane

Essentially, Stranger Things revolves around Eleven and her supernatural abilities. However, this time around, much like Will, we get to experience a normal life for Eleven, and her hardships in high school. When she gets reunited with Papa (Matthew Modine), we watch as Eleven finds herself once again, and fights for the people she loves the most.

4 Dustin Henderson

Arguably one of the fan favorites of the entire show, Dustin Henderson, played by Gaten Matarazzo, proves that he’s not going anywhere. Dustin steals the scenes he’s in, and leads them with great pacing and chemistry with the other characters. He also provides great comedic relief and reinstates that yes, when a kid swears as much as Dustin does, it is funny.

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3 Eddie Munson

While Dustin might be the fan favorite of the whole show, Eddie Munson is the most talked about character this season by far. Maybe it’s his wild hair or his squeaky voice when he gets panicked, but viewers love Eddie. Like Argyle, adding Eddie to the show was a great decision, and supplied the right amount of energy the show needed as we entered its fourth season.

2 Steve Harrington

Steve, dubbed the “babysitter” by fans, is one of the most beloved characters. Steve Harrington has had the best character development in the entire show, going from a popular high school kid who only cared about himself, to a loving friend and protector over our main characters. He has proven himself time and time again that he won’t go down without a fight, even if he loses, and he’s fiercely vigilant with a baseball bat.

1 Max Mayfield

Max takes the cake for this season’s best character. While grieving the loss of her step-brother, Billy, she’s still navigating high school and the breakup between herself and Lucas. Then, when Vecna targets her, she has the option of choosing to stay and die, or fight and make it back to her friends. In season four, Max is one of the most-developed characters, giving all the range and all the glory to Kate Bush for getting her out of Vecna’s spell. Viewers hope for the best for Max’s safety in Volume Two, as she has proven that she’s not ready to leave just yet.



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