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Stranger Things 5 premiere date: New clue at 2025 release?

Is there actually a chance that we won’t be seeing Stranger Things 5 premiere until we get around to 2025? It’s a crazy thing to consider, but that may actually be the case.

Of course, logically we’ve wondered this for a while already, unless of course Netflix finds some crazy way to split up the rest of the episodes. Consider this for a moment — new episodes are not going to be filming until late May or June, and we know already that this show has a super-long production and post-production window thanks to all the special effects. Odds are, filming will continue until well into 2024.

Now, we turn to one of the series’ stars in Finn Wolfhard, who had the following to say to GQ:

I can’t really believe that it’s the fifth season either. By the time it comes out, I will be 22, I think, and I started working on the show at 12.

Where things get interesting is that (as pointed out by Uproxx) Finn will turn 22 on December 23, 2024. That means that unless we’re getting a Christmas 2024 release or something close to that, odds are we’re not seeing the show back until the following year.

Granted, Wolfhard also says “I think,” the reality is that actors have zero control over release dates in general. Granted, Netflix isn’t going to be the sort of rush this show along, mostly because they have zero reason to do so. They’re already well-aware of the fact that season 4 was super-successful despite having a long layoff following season 3, and the same thing could work all over again. We tend to think what matters the most is that the show remains high-quality, especially since there are plans for a spin-off and this franchise may still have a long life ahead.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.



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