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Stranger Things Experience review: Hawkins comes alive | theater | entertainment

Season 4 of Stranger Things continued to explore some futuristic ’80s nostalgia earlier this year. The Netflix show captured music charts worldwide with Metallica and Kate Bush, while (again) bringing back the love for Dungeons & Dragons.

Crucially, though, Stranger Things is more than just a retro look. It has a powerful and intricately written story punctuated by it. And the Stranger Things: Experience He manages to bring each of these key aspects to life.

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Gamblers will be welcomed into a “sleep study” at the Hawkins Laboratory in the middle of a secret location on the outskirts of London to find out exactly what is happening in Hawkins.

Instantly, you’re transported to the small American town of the 80s – all thanks to The Experience’s cast and crew.

Each character, from doctor to entrepreneur, carries Hawkins’ incredible rhythm and brings life to a wild adventure.

Stranger Things fans will then be taken to classrooms to see if they have any extrasensory powers – like those of Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven. But wait, something went wrong quickly.

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During an unexpected power outage, guests will visit a plethora of sprites that guide them through an exciting and exciting nibbling adventure complete with some great techniques, amazing jump scares and some actual storytelling.

From the Demogorgons to the hideous Vecna, guests will see it all during this (almost) two-hour adventure.

However, the final moments of the story are where things really heat up. Using stunning 3D technology, fans will be transported into a brutal and horrific battle between some Demobats, Eleven and the fate of the world.

The last great moments are somehow enhanced by the last area fans can visit: Starcourt Mall.

Guests will be treated to an incredible Starcourt Mall experience complete with Scoops Ahoy, Surfer Boy Pizza, and Will Byers’ living room and arcade.

However, these attractions are not just window decoration. This is immersive entertainment at its best. Not only can fans walk around the mall, enjoy its delicacies, and take heart-warming photos, but they will actually feel transported to Hawkins in real time.

Stranger Things fans shouldn’t be late: buy tickets ASAP before they run out and before the attraction ends.

For an extra special treat, VIP tickets are available that allow bookmakers to jump in the queue, as well as receive an exclusive special gift for the experience.

Stranger Things: The Experience tickets are now available.

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