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Stranger Things' Sadie Sink Says Max Has Some Brave Choices to Make in Season Finale



Stranger Things will unleash the final two episodes of season 4 in just a few days, and with almost four hours of runtime between them, there is a lot still to happen in Hawkins before the stage is set for the fifth and final season. While Netflix has understandably revealed very little about what will happen in the finale of the season, many of the cast have given small insights into their own character’s fate. Sadie Sink recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how she believes that Max is going to show a really fierce side to her in the last episodes. She said:

There has been a lot of speculation about who will and won’t survive the season, and what will then befall them as the series comes to an end in season five. With only days until we find out the truth about what the future holds for the residents of Hawkins, and beyond, the hype around the finale has only been elevated by a new trailer released by Netflix last week.

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With super-sized episodes and an almost three-year wait, the latest season of Stranger Things had a huge impact when it arrived on Netflix in May, propelling not this season but previous seasons of the show into the top end of the streaming charts. It did not take long for the first part of the season to start breaking records and with two more episodes to go, the show has already become the most-streamed English language series on the platform and there is nothing to stop it from going on to become the biggest series ever to have landed on Netflix.

With that in mind, the announcement earlier this year that season five will bring the series to a close, the Duffer Brothers are already at work, but it is likely we will not see those new episodes for a couple of years. By then, the Stranger Things following will have grown again, and there are very few people who would bet against season five being the biggest season of the sci-fi horror show in every way possible. That can only mean more records being broken and hopefully a satisfactory conclusion to the saga before the Duffers unveil what comes next from the world of Stranger Things.



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