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Streamline email governance with a midsummer fitness check



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Without diligent oversight, email can quickly become not only a waste of time, but a security and compliance liability. Spending some quality time on email governance can make a difference.

Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) July 14, 2022

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies company and email specialist, proposes improving the email regime with a midsummer fitness check in a new article. The informative article first encourages readers to automate email policies where possible.

The author then requests updates to email security, including email filters and email encryption. He then discusses the need to educate email users about the proper and efficient use of email. They concluded by encouraging limited organizations with older email systems to consider when to update to a modern solution.

“Without diligent oversight, email can become not only a time sink, but a security and compliance obligation as well,” said Greg Smith, vice president of Services Delivery at Messaging Architects. “Spending some quality time on email governance can make a difference.”

Below are excerpts from the article, “Streamline Email Governance with a Midsummer Fitness Check.”

automated email policies

“The mid-summer IT fitness checkup provides the perfect opportunity to review and update email policies. A well-crafted email policy both improves regulatory compliance and helps ease the eDiscovery process down the road. But policies need to be adjusted from time to time to adapt to regulatory changes and evolving business practices.”

“Indeed, there are almost certainly problems depending on users having to remember and include written policies. Thus, using storage system controls and tools such as Microsoft 365 retention policies and labels proves invaluable. These The tools allow companies to automate email policies for retention and size limits as well as the proper sharing of attachments and documents.

update email security

“Basic email filters identify spam messages and automatically move them to a junk folder. More advanced filtering systems give organizations the ability to whitelist or blacklist certain senders. They block certain file attachments. can also protect against new and emerging viruses by analyzing and analyzing the message content.”

“Email encryption prevents unauthorized access to sensitive email. If you haven’t reviewed your email encryption in a while, do it now. A good encryption service will provide end-to-end encryption and allow administrators to access pre-defined rules.” For example, certain keywords will indicate sensitive information and mark an email for automatic encryption.”

Help from Email Administration Experts

Effective email management includes using data governance best practices such as effectively classifying and organizing data, updating information security and monitoring for regulatory compliance. The email experts at Messaging Architects can help.

For example, they provide consulting services for the review and correction of e-policies surrounding electronic documents and email. They also design email security strategies to meet business requirements. And after years of performing successful email migrations for customers of all sizes, they confidently ensure a smooth migration process when the time comes.

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