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Strikes in France: massive mobilization and heavily disrupted traffic on January 31 – Forbes France

The strike should still be closely followed on Tuesday in the public transport to the second day of mobilization against the pension reform projectwith disruptions to be expected throughout France, from TGV to the TER and RERin the subway Parisian and to Orly airport. After the success of the first day of action on January 19, the 8 main unions called “to mobilize even more massively on 31 January against a reform they describe as “unfair”.

The first day of action had gathered in the street 1.12 million protesters according to the Ministry of the Interior, more than two million according to the organizers. That day, the strike was particularly well attended in transport with almost no regional trains, few TGVs, a slow-moving metro in Paris and a very underserved large suburb.


This Tuesday, travelers should expect new galleys, including trafficstrongly disturbed ” on the TGV: only one in three trains average on the rails. ” The forecasts are broadly similar “To those of Thursday, January 19, summarized Sunday the SNCF to AFP. The group plans to see two out of five TGVs running on the North axis, one out of two in the East and in the South-East, one out of four on the Atlantic arc and two Ouigo out of five. The situation should be even more difficult for regional trains with of them TER on ten on average across the country. At last, Intercity traffic will also be very strongly disturbed. No train will run except for a round trip on the Paris-Clermont-Ferrand, Paris-Limoges-Toulouse and Bordeaux-Marseille routes. Night trains will be completely interrupted on the nights of Monday to Tuesday and Tuesday to Wednesday. SNCF Voyageurs already recommends to those who can ” to cancel or postpone their trips ” and of ” favor telework“.


In the outer suburbs, only one in three trains will run on the lines of RER A, Band the Transiliens H and U ; one in four trains on the line Transilien K and one in ten trains for the lines of RER C and Dthe RER Eand the Transiliens J, L, N, P and R, according to the SNCF. On the side of the Paris metro, the RATP indicates that traffic will also be “very disrupted” with forecasts ofone in two trains to one in four trains along the lines. Some lines will have stations closed and will only operate during peak hours. Only automated lines 1 and 14 will operate normally. On the other hand, line 3bis will be completely interrupted. The RERs managed by the RATP, i.e. lines A and B, will run with an average of one train out of two during peak hours. Regarding RATP buses and trams, the situation will be much better: 8 buses and 8 trams out of 10 should be able to circulate.

On the international side, trains will experience various fates: the circulation of Eurostar and Thalys will operate almost normally but TGV traffic will be “severely disrupted” between France and Switzerland (Lyria). HAS Orly airportthe first forecasts of the Civil Aviation are oriented towards the cancellation ofone in five thefts.

The Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne was firm on Sunday on ...ponement of starting age at 64 which is not more negotiable“. A ” provocation within 48 hours of the event“. ” It will be a difficult to very difficult day on public transport“, had warned Sunday morning the Minister Delegate for Transport Clement Beaune.




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