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Stunning New Poll Of DEMOCRATS Is Awful News For Joe Biden

A shocking poll that surveyed Democrats shows President Joe Biden will have a tough 2024 primary ahead of him. Only two in ten Democrats surveyed in the March poll support Biden in 2024.

Unlike former President Donald Trump, who has 46 percent of Republican support in 2024, Biden only has 23 percent. The former First Lady Michelle Obama trails behind Biden, with 16 percent of Democrats supportive of her in the primary.


She is followed behind current Vice President Kamala Harris (8 percent) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (7 percent).

The poll was run by McLaughlin & Associates and also asked participants who they would support in a Trump versus Biden scenario in 2024: “Now, if the 2024 Presidential election were held today, which one of the following best describes how you would vote in the general election for President between Donald Trump, the Republican candidate and Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate, for whom would you vote?”

Trump is beating Biden by five percent, with 48 percent of participants supporting Trump, 43 percent supporting Biden, and nine percent being undecided. The poll was conducted from March 16-March 20.



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