Stuttgart. G7 ministers discuss future agriculture

G7 ministers discuss future agriculture

Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Cem Ozdemir (Greens) at the G7 Agriculture Ministers’ meeting in Stuttgart. Photo by Bernd Weißbrod / dpa

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Due to the war in Ukraine, food security is a major issue even for rich countries. The G7 agriculture ministers are discussing how to conserve resources around the world.

Population growth, climate change, the aftermath of the Ukrainian war. Agriculture faces enormous challenges internationally.

The ministers of agriculture of the leading industrialized countries of the West (G7) want to discuss today in Stuttgart what a sustainable agriculture should be like in the future. The main goal is to conserve natural resources, limit the harmful effects on climate, soil, water and air.

International food security has become a priority for politicians in connection with the war in Ukraine. Grain markets are tense all over the world, prices are rising. Ukraine is fighting to continue its grain to the world.

A group of ministers led by German Foreign Minister Cem Ozdemir (Greens) discussed with Ukrainian Agriculture Minister Nikolai Solsky on Friday how to help the war-torn country. The main emphasis is on alternative routes for grain, rail and Danube grain exports. Solski increased exports through the Baltic ports. Ukraine is one of the largest producers of grain in the world, but at present it is unable to export anything because of the Russian ports blocked in the Black Sea.

Germany currently holds the presidency of the G7. In addition to Germany, the group includes the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan.

The topic of a telephone conversation between Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday was the global supply of food. “The chancellor has reminded that Russia has a special responsibility here,” said government spokesman Stephen Hebstraight.




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