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Sway Motorsports Net Worth

Sway Motorsports Net Worth: ($5 million) What Happened to Sway Motorsports After Shark Tank? A three-wheeled electric scooter has been developed for safe and stable tilting movement. The company’s electric trike works without fuel and allows drivers to adjust the vehicle tilt directly with their hands without worrying about balance loss or gasoline runoff thanks to better balance tilt sensors and lithium iodine battery packs.

Sway Motorsports Net Worth
Sway Motorsports Net Worth

As of 2020, Faze Sway’s net worth is $5 million dollars. We do not yet have an estimate of Sway Motosport’s net worth for the year 2021. Three-wheeled tilting scooters like the Sway have been around since the early ’90s, when they were featured on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. Pre-orders totaled $1 million shortly after that. According to the original release date, Sway Lithium would be available in the summer of 2016. There is, however, no further information available regarding the Sway.

Lithium-ion battery power this company’s three-wheeled electric scooter

Inventor of a three-wheeled electric scooter with a tilting mechanism that is both stable and safe. For the first time, a business has developed an electric tricycle that does not require any fuel and allows drivers to tilt the vehicle with their hands without fear of losing balance or a gasoline runoff. When you ride this unique scooter, you must sway back and forth in order to do so. Shark Tank may have been interested in this unusual scooter, but did it get a deal?


Scooters made by Sway Motorsports, a battery-powered startup, are moved by the rider shifting their body from side to side as they ride. It was designed to be a fun and easy method to go around, while still being environmentally friendly. Company founders hoped to create scooters that could be used on a regular basis without breaking down so that people could travel around more sustainably. I came up with the concept of an easier-to-ride Segue manner.

Who is Joe Wilcox: NASA was Joe Wilcox’s employer before he left NASA to build his Sway bike on his own. He saw a need in cities for those who are tired of riding on regular bikes and scooters and wanted to fill that need. A driver’s license was required to ride the bike, and he intended to ensure that anyone with a valid license could do so with ease. Also, the bike was meant to be fun. In addition to being more fun than a bike or any other form of transportation, this item was also designed to be highly effective.

In the middle of the pitch, what happened?

A video of Joe’s homemade scooter in motion was shown to Kevin, who inquired as to the cost of purchasing one. He stated that it would cost $7,999 for a 60-mile-per-hour vehicle that could travel 40 miles on a single charge. An OEM manufacturer could help Joe make his product more cost-effectively, he said. A pre-order deposit of $350,000 was made by Joe when Mark inquired about the scooter’s availability. Lori expressed her admiration for the toy but made no offer to buy it.

Sway Motorsports Net Worth
Sway Motorsports Net Worth

A patent on the Sway, according to Joe, will allow him to guard its unique features. Investing in a faster and cheaper way to make this type of scooter is Kevin’s suggestion. Distribution will be a challenge, Daymond claims. Skepticism is expressed by Mark about the company’s future. Lori has announced that she will no longer be working for the company because she is unable to provide any value to it. As a final offer, Mark makes a $300,000 offer in exchange for a 20 percent stake.


Mark accepts Joe’s offer of 20% in exchange for the $300,000 he requested. Mark rarely makes last-minute deals in The Tank, but he did so here. The tricycle is still being worked on, but the company that made it appears to have gone out of business. Trike production and sales have not yet been determined.

Is This Sway Scooter Real? It Looks Amazing

As far as we know, the three-wheeled electric scooter has yet to come to fruition. These days, electric scooters are springing up everywhere. The Sway, a three-wheeled scooter that nonetheless leans in the corners like a Yamaha Niken, is a standout. As long as Sway Motorsports promises to produce the vehicle, we’ll have to wait for a long time. During season six of Shark Tank in 2015, there was a funny tiny tilting scooter. Those were Sway’s words. Anyone can ride it, even if they’ve never ridden before. Founder Joe Wilcox’s mother, who stands at 5’2″ and is 60 years old, had no problem riding an early prototype, according to Sway Motorsports.

Since the first prototype of the Sway was presented in 2012, not much has changed. A six-kilowatt electric motor is driven by a 4.2-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, comparable to that used by Tesla. There is a high speed of 55 miles per hour and a maximum range of around 40 miles with this system. Unlike the Yamaha Niken, this scooter has a uniquely built steering gear that allows it to lean through the corners as if it were on two wheels. The Tilting Motor Works kit, which can turn a Honda Goldwing or a few Harley-Davidsons into leaning three-wheelers, is a lot like this concept.

Basic California driver’s license

Having only a basic California driver’s license isn’t a requirement for riding the Sway, which is one of the vehicle’s major selling points. In California, it is also allowed to lane split. For city dwellers, the Sway’s ability to move in traffic without the need for a motorbike license could be a boon. A win-win situation exists here. As a three-wheeled electric scooter, the Sway was designed by Sway Motorsports. The Lithium-Ion battery powers and tilts the vehicle. Sway is an electric car startup situated in Mountain View, California. An electric vehicle for urban use was the goal when it was founded. The beta units are currently being tested in California by Sway.

Pre-orders for the scooter have already exceeded $1 million as a result of its appearance on Shark Tank. To put the Sway into production, Sway Motorsports teamed up with Govecs, a leading German electric scooter manufacturer. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for it after three years. According to a report from Heavy, the first Sways should be available in July of this year. Production is planned to begin in the fall of 2017, and a faster prototype is likely to be on the market by the end of the year. As we near the end of 2018, neither of these has appeared.

The Sway is still a brilliant idea, but the competition is catching up quickly. Sway-like Yamaha’s TriTown idea will be on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Small startups that have been unable to secure finance for several years are significantly less likely than well-established corporations like Yamaha to be successful in bringing a scooter like this to market. For now, you may order a Sway for $9,999 from the company’s website, but I wouldn’t put down my money until I saw some manufacturing bikes.



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