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Sweden: 6.1% of Holiday Homes Have Foreign Owners

A total of 38,065 homes in Sweden are owned by foreign nationals, representing 6.2 per cent of the total holiday homes in the country.

According to Statistics Sweden, 12,357 homes or 32.4 per cent of the total, were owned by nationals of Norway, followed by Germans (10,787) and Danes (9,883), reports.

The majority of homes owned by foreigners are concentrated in the Kronoberg Country, with 38 per cent of the total and another 24 per cent in Varmland. On the other hand, homes owned by foreigners in the remaining regions, like Stockholm, Sodermanland, Uppsala, Vastmanland and Gotland, consist of less than one per cent.

The largest numbers of foreign-owned holiday homes are located in Vastra Gotland (7,783), Varmland (6,574), Kronoberg (4,546) and Skane (3,345) countries.

On the other hand, Swedes living abroad own 13,369-holiday homes in the country, while Swedes living in Norway own 2,903 holiday homes in Sweden, followed by Swedish owners in Germany (1,569), the United Kingdom (1,182), the USA (1,381), Switzerland (1,123) and Denmark (1,021).

As per homes owned by Swedish expatriates, those are mainly found in Vastra Gotaland (2,577), Skane (1,960) and Stockholm County (1,691).

Statistics Sweden also points out that the number of households in Sweden was 4.8 million. In 2022, the number of households surged by 52,000, accounting for 1.1 per cent.

“The relative increase in households was greater than Sweden’s population growth, which means that the average household size decreased somewhat from 2.16 persons in 2021 to 2.15 persons in 2022,” Statistics Sweden explains.

The average price to buy across Sweden is $4,780 (SEK 53,500) per square metre, while in Stockholm alone, which is the country’s most expensive city, it is €6,692 (SEK 74,900). The three most expensive municipalities to buy property are Lidingö, Solna, and Danderyd. On the other hand, the lowest prices can be found in the Greater Stockholm region in Nykvarn and Södertälje.

The preliminary statistics for immigration reveal that 42,141 people have become immigrated to Sweden, with the majority being men (22,270) while 19,871 were women. Indians followed second, with 3,561 residents and Poland (2,005). In addition, 1,675 came from the Syrian Arab Republic, Germany (1,520), Afghanistan (1,441) and Iran. Another 592 came from Ukraine – more than 2021 rates when 468 people immigrated to Sweden.

According to Statista, the number of asylum applications from refugees from Ukraine was the highest in March, reaching a total of 26,930. While only 293 applications were filed in February, 7,518 were recorded in April of 2022.



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