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Sweden: Catholic football star praises Sharia, compares it favorably to Swedish society

Zlatan Ibrahimović says he is a Catholic. His father was a Muslim, however, and he grew up in Muslim-dominated Malmö; these details may explain how he came to have such a Sharia-positive viewpoint. In any case, he just needs to be patient. Sharia will be along in Sweden soon enough.

“Zlatan wants to see Qatar’s tough approach to crime in Sweden: ‘A system that works,’” translated from “Zlatan vill se Qatars hårda tag mot kriminalitet i Sverige: ‘Ett system som funkar,’” Samnytt, March 21, 2023 (thanks to L.):

National team veteran and AC Milan player Zlatan Ibrahimović is in Stockholm to take part in the European Championship qualifiers against Belgium and Azerbaijan at the Friends Arena. At a press conference, questions were asked about his visit to the World Cup in Qatar. Ibrahimović praised Qatar as a country with a functioning judiciary, which he is not sure Sweden has today.

The journalists present at the press conference wanted Zlatan Ibrahimović, 41, to talk about the criticism of the lack of human rights and working conditions for migrant workers in Qatar. But Ibrahimović refrained from talking politics, instead describing the family trip as fantastic.

“My family and I were there for two days. The organization, ten points. The experience, ten points. The match, ten points. The audience, ten points. The food ten points. The journey, ten points. Everything was ten points.”

“Is there crime? No”
When repeatedly asked about the lack of human rights, Ibrahimović replied that Qatar has “a system that works” and compared it to the situation in Sweden.

“Qatar as a country, I think it is a system that works. Are there drugs? No. Is there crime? No. Is there crime in Sweden? Yes very much. Drugs? Yes. Qatar’s system works. The Swedish system? It works, but if it works 100 percent, I don’t know,” Brahimović told SVT.

When asked whether migrants have poor working conditions, Ibrahimović did not want to answer because he himself has not seen it.

“I think you have given opportunities to get a job. Then how they treated them, I haven’t been there and seen so I can’t judge and answer those questions.”



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