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Sweden: Muslim ‘Young Role Model of the Year’ is sentenced for throwing stones at police

Was Hani Bilal Madi practicing Muhammad’s adage of “war is deceit” when he insisted that his involvement in the Qur’an riots was only to “prevent more serious crime”? Were non-Muslim authorities so anxious to find a Muslim role model who appeared to be “moderate” that they didn’t investigate Hani Bilal Madi as thoroughly as they should have before giving him their award? Likely it was a bit of both.

“‘The young role model of the year’ is sentenced for throwing stones at the police,” translated from “‘Årets unga förebild’ döms för stenkastning mot polisen,” Fria Tider, March 20, 2023:

DOMESTIC. Hani Bilal Madi, 20, was praised by Aftonbladet when he cleaned up after the Koran riots in Örebro and distributed flowers to residents in the area. Now he has been sentenced to three years in prison for taking part in the riot and throwing stones at the police.

It was after the Koran riots in April last year that Hani Bilal Madi was highlighted as a hero in Aftonbladet and other media.

Aftonbladet described how he had gathered “young Örebro brothers to clean up the park.” He also distributed flowers to affected Swedish homeowners in the area to show that Muslims are peaceful.

But at the turn of the year, Hani Bilal Madi was arrested for gross sabotage against blue light operations – because it turned out that he himself had participated in the riot.

The 20-year-old has denied committing a crime but admitted that he was there in Sveaparken and threw some stones. However, he claims he was there to “prevent more serious crime” and that he did not aim the stones at the police.

However, the Örebro District Court states that on at least one occasion he threw a stone aimed at a place where the police were.

Now the local prominent immigrant has been sentenced to three years in prison, writes SVT Nyheter Örebro.

Hani Bilal Madi has received several awards for his tax-funded work with young people in the Vivalla ghetto in Örebro. Last year he received, among other things, half a million kroner in scholarship money from the Wallenberg Foundation.

In November, Hani was named “Young Role Model of the Year” for his work in the association “For the people” in Vivalla. In the explanation, his initiative to clean up and distribute flowers after the Koran riots was explicitly mentioned.



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