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Switzerland: Asylum Applications Peaked in November

The number of asylum applications submitted to Swiss authorities has been on the rise in recent months, with a total of 3,568 requests being filed in November alone. This number is up by 11.2 per cent compared to October and nearly 130 per cent more than in November 2021 when 1,561 applications were filed.

According to the State Secretariat for Migration, the main nationality groups to lodge asylum applications in November were Afghans (1,266), Turks (685) and Burundi (359), with all of these rates being considerably higher compared to the previous month. In addition, Eritreans and Syrians filed 167 and 158 requests, respectively, up 11 and 30 per cent, reports.

Nearly 90 per cent of a total of 3,568 applications filed in November were first-time applications. This number was up by 25 per cent compared to October when 2,839 applications were submitted.

The top countries of origin were Afghanistan (1,236), Turkey (611), Burundi (358), Algeria (153) and Syria (107), while 2,493 people who fled Ukraine were granted protection status S. In total, 2,619 people applied for protection status, out of which 80 were denied the status due to unmet criteria.

In 6,123 cases the protection status has expired while for 2,010 cases that are awaiting, the termination is under examination. By the end of November, a total of 61,553 people had been granted protection status.

In a press release, SEM reveals that a total of 1,822 asylum applications have been processed in November, with 624 decisions refusing entry, 352 granting asylum and 479 being admitted as part of the first-instance processing. In addition, the number of cases pending in the first instance has reached 11,321 – 1,857 up from the previous month.

“In November, 1,638 people left Switzerland in a controlled manner or were returned to their country of origin or a third country. Switzerland asked another Dublin state to take over 1,182 people, and 144 people were transferred to the responsible Dublin state in the same period,” the press release reads.

In the same month, Switzerland took in 53 people and was asked to shelter 336 other people from Dublin states.

Furthermore, 148 people under the resettlement programme were admitted to Switzerland throughout November, while the maximum number of particularly vulnerable refugees that can be sent to Switzerland for 2022 and 2023 is 1,600. In addition, there are 220 refugees who could not be accepted under the 2020/2021 programme due to the delay caused by the pandemic.



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