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Switzerland Offered Basic Vocational Education & Training to 750 Participants in 2021/2022

The Swiss authorities have revealed that the country offered basic vocational education and training to 750 participants through its INVOL pre-apprenticeship integration programme in the 2021/2022 training year.

According to the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), the target group in the 2021/2022 training year was expanded to include youngsters as well as young adults from the EU/EFTA and third countries who immigrated late to Switzerland, in addition to refugees.

Nonetheless, despite offering training to this number of participants, it was stressed that only around 55 per cent of them found a connection to basic vocational training, reports.

“Overall, in the fourth INVOL round, around 55 per cent of 750 program participants found a connection to basic vocational training. In cooperation with the cantons and the economy, the basis for a continuation of the programme after 2024 was developed,” the statement of SEM reads.

SEM further notes that around 90 per cent of the participants said that they are satisfied with the INVOL pre-apprenticeship integration programme. The same pointed out that due to the decrease in the number of asylum applications in the recent year, the number of participants fell slightly compared to the previous round.

Of the total 750 participants SEM said that 615 of them completed the programme, lower than the previous period when 722 participants completed the programme.

Taking into account the current number of asylum applications that Switzerland is registering, it is expected that number of participants in the INVOL pre-apprenticeship integration programme will increase in the coming years. However, the authorities did not give any specific number.

In line with a decision adopted by the Swiss Parliament, the INVOL programme needs to be adjusted if necessary. In addition, the authorities stressed that they will make changes so that youngsters and young adults can be reached and asked to participate in the programme.

From 2024 Switzerland plans to register with the migration authorities those who immigrated late and need training shortly after they enter Switzerland.

“Young people who immigrated late and young adults who need training should be systematically registered with the residents’ services or with the migration authorities shortly after they enter Switzerland, and they should be informed and registered for careers advice,” SEM highlights.

Additionally, SEM stressed that from 2024 suitable people will be able to take part in an INVOL after consultation as well as said that information regarding the next period will be published in the next moths.

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