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Sydney Sweeney ‘Believed in Santa Clause Until the 7th Grade’

Sydney Sweeney has never been short on creativity. Now that she’s begun to really establish herself in Hollywood as a sought-after actor, she’s expanding that creativity. In 2020, Sweeney founded her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Films, so that she could help build the world that her characters inhabit. Sweeney admits that she’s always had a very vivid imagination. In fact, the actor divulged that she believed in Santa Clause until she was a teenager.

Sydney Sweeney | Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney grew up in the Pacific Northwest of The U.S.

Sweeney has credited her unique upbringing as something that helped foster her intense creative streak. The Players Table star grew up on the border of Idaho and Washington and was always outside. Though she’s firmly a part of the chronically online Gen Z, Sweeney admits that she didn’t have access to much technology growing up. Her childhood home wasn’t equipped with WiFi, so she had to rely on nature and her imagination to keep herself entertained.



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