Taylor Swift and Austin Reaves Dating Rumor Sparks Twitter Frenzy

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Taylor Swift fans have come across a rumor about her recently saying she is dating Austin Reaves. Well, ever since netizens had this rumor they have been curious to know if that’s really true or not. Not to miss, it all began after Taylor Swift broke up with Joe Alwyn after a long relationship the dating rumors began for Swift. But is Taylor really dating Austin Reaves?

Read ahead to know more about rumors of Taylor Swift dating Austin Reaves going viral on the internet.

Taylor Swift dating rumors with Austin Reaves goes viral

Taylor Swift has been an iconic singer-songwriter of all time and fans love her. Her songs have been everyone’s favorite and this year Swift is making everyone groove to her songs with her Eras Tour. But her tour isn’t the only thing that’s everyone talking about.

Yes, Swift is also in rumours about dating one or the other guy. Some time back Taylor Swift broke up with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Post which the singer has been focusing on her tour this year.

But recently we heard a rumor about her saying she is dating Austin Reaves. Not to forget, Austin Reaves is an American basketball player. Fans of the duo have been shocked at the rumors of them dating. But is it really so?

Twitter post about Taylor Swift dating Austin Reaves goes viral

After Taylor Swift broke up with Joe Alwyn. She has been in rumors of dating Matty Healy. He was spotted many times with Swift. In fact, he even went on to perform at the Eras Tour in Nashville. Yet, later it was reported by TMZ that they broke up with each other.

Post all of this a new rumour about Taylor Swift came along on Twitter. It said Swift is dating professional basketball player Austin Reaves. On Twitter, a post was shared with a pic of Austin and Taylor saying the duo are dating.

The caption of ... said, “Following her breakup, Taylor Swift was reportedly seen in an Arkansas Bar this weekend with star Laker basketball player Austin Reaves”.

Is Austin Reaves dating Taylor Swift?

After coming across the rumor of Austin Reaves dating Taylor Swift. The fans of the duo have been speculating about their relationship. Some fans were curious to know about the relationship of the duo. But are they really dating each other?

Well, it seems the dating news of Taylor Swift and Austin Reaves is surely just a rumour. As there has been no such evidence to prove the same. Meanwhile, Austin Reaves is reportedly having a girlfriend Jenna Barber already.

Barber has been seen supporting the Lakers in their matches as well. Hence, we can for now say that there is no truth in Swift and dating Reaves.

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