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Taylor Swift Apparently Wrote 1 Song From Her Friend’s POV



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Though Taylor Swift boasts many talents, her songwriting abilities have earned her the most acclaim. Throughout the course of her career, Swift has written or co-written every single song she’s ever released. In fact, she wrote her third album, Speak Now, entirely on her own. This was partially in a bid to shut down critics who questioned how much writing input she actually had on her Grammy-winning tunes.

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How does Taylor Swift write her songs?

Interestingly enough, Swift doesn’t have one set method for writing songs. Sometimes lyrics come first, while other times, it’s a melody. Some songs seem to come to the All Too Well director with staggering quickness. An example of this would be her song “Lover”, which she wrote alone in the middle of the night. Other times, it takes years for Swift to fully conceive song ideas, which was the case for “The Man” and “the last great american dynasty.”



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