Taylor Swift Extends Eras Tour 2023: New Dates Announced for Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil!

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The Eras Tour of Taylor Swift began and it seems never-ending as now the international show dates get announced of it. Well yes, Taylor Swift is in no mood to let the excitement level get down of the Swifties. Hence, she has announced the international show dates of her Eras Tour 2023 and you must not miss that out.

Read ahead to know more about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour international show dates and all the other updates.

Eras Tour international show dates announced

Eras Tour of Taylor Swift is reaching its international journey. As she shared the news about the same on her social media. Alongside a pic of Swift, the international dates of her tour were announced. Post which her fans are really excited to catch up with her.

If you haven’t noted down the dates of her international shows. Then write them down as it is to kick start on 24th August 2023. Taylor with her international shows will perform on the 25th and 26th of August. Further, she will also perform on the 9th, 10th, 18th, 25th, and 26th of November.

What’s going to be special about Taylor Swift international shows of Eras Tour?

Ever since Taylor Swift began her Eras Tour, her fans have been over the moon. Well now it’s time for her international shows and we will let you know what you can expect this time. It was on social media that Taylor Swift announced the same.

In her international shows for Eras Tour, however, she is set to perform in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. Hence, don’t miss to mark it. Further, we have some more updates as you would be required to even grab your tickets for the same due to the high demands of it.

Tickets details for international shows of Eras tour of Taylor Swift

You must have already seen the popularity of the Eras Tour of Taylor Swift this year. As the tickets of the same have been in high demands. You are supposed to get them beforehand as well. The Buenos Aires tickets would be available on 6th June at around 10 am.

You can find the tickets to be available on the website of Ticketmaster. The Mexico show tickets would be available on 13th June at around 2 pm onwards. While for tickets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro can be purchased on 12th June at around 10 am.

For getting the tickets timely do get registered on 7th June on Verified Fan platform of Ticketmaster.

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