Taylor Swift Mega-Fans Experience Bizarre Health Condition After The Eras Tour

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been blowing everyone’s mind but guess what, some fans said they suffered a strange health condition post the concert of Swift. Well, that might sound very weird to many of you. Or it may look like the Eras Tour of Swift wasn’t worth it. Then you surely must know all about it in detail here.

Read ahead to know more about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour attendees suffers from strange health issues after her concert.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and the Craze of it

Taylor Swift is one of the most iconic singers of all time and fans love to see her perform live. Well, this year was a delight for her fans. As they got to enjoy Taylor Swift live in her Eras Tour. While no one could resist the recent tour of Swift.

Fans were even ready to pay high amounts to grab tickets for her concerts. Taylor on the other hand didn’t leave her fans unsatisfied as well. Her Eras Tour has been power packed with amazing performances from her.

Some of her biggest hits of her made her fans groove on the same too vibing with her throughout the concerts. But some fans do have a complaint.

Eras Tour attendees complain of strange health issues

While no one would have counted the attendees in the Eras Tour of Taylor Swift. Surely, everyone was happy to see Swift perform live for them. With energizing performance of Swift, fans weren’t able to stop themselves from grooving.

However, some of the fans of Swift who attended her Eras Tour have been complaining of strange health issues post the concert. Some of the concert attendees said they couldn’t remember if Swift performed her song that they have already enjoyed. It was all like a kind of condition called amnesia where one has a memory loss that attendees complained about.

Why did fans who attended Eras Tour complain of suffering strange health issues?

One of the attendees of Eras’s tour about a song that Swift performed said “if i didn’t have the five minute video that my friend kindly took of me jamming to it, i probably would have told everyone it didn’t happen”. Some other attendees too had the same problem. However, one of the neuroscientists Dr Dean Burnett, Cardiff University gave the reason behind the condition.

Burnett said, “If you’re at a concert of someone you love, surrounded by thousands of very excited other people, listening to music you’ve got established emotional links to, that’s going to be a lot of emotion happening to you at one time”.

However, some tips were given by experts too, that can make the issue go away. All you need is to jump up and down while in such concerts and scream a little.

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