Taylor Swift’s Mortifying Moment: Breaking a $12,000 Vintage Ring at MTV VMAs

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Taylor Swift looked shocked at MTV VMAs as she broke her $12,000 vintage ring. Although, it was a great night for Swift at MTV VMAs. As the singer won so many awards that night. One of the incidents that happened to her was having her expensive ring broken with a piece of it lost too.

Read ahead to know more about Taylor Swift looked shocked after breaking her vintage ring worth $12,000 at MTV VMAs.

Taylor Swift among the winners at MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift is one of the most iconic singers of all time. She has numerous songs released so far that rule the hearts of her fans. There are hardly any awards that she hasn’t won for incredible work in the music industry. Recently we got Swift to attend the MTV VMAs where she was nominated under 11 categories.

Among the 11 nominations that she had for MTV VMA 2023. She was able to win nine of them. She was the winner of Video Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Best Direction, Best Pop, Best Visual Effects, Song Of The Year, and more. Her album Anti-Hero and Midnights was the star of the awards night.

Taylor Swift breaks her vintage ring worth $12,000 at MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift wore a beautiful black outfit with some gold and diamond accessories for MTV VMAs 2023. Among the rings that the singer wore, there was one vintage ring worth $12,000 that outshined her finger when she came to the MTV VMAs. But the ring suffered a mishap.

During the awards night, Swift ended up breaking her expensive ring from dealer Joseph Saidian & Sons. As a piece of it was lost too that made the singer, VMA staff, and many others searched for it. Taylor visibly looked shocked and embarrassed about breaking the ring. Moreover, it isn’t known if the missing piece was found or not.

More about the broken vintage ring of Taylor Swift worth $12, 000

A video from the awards night has gone viral showing Taylor holding the broken vintage ring and it looks like the diamond of the ring went missing. Though initially, she did wear the ring on her finger when it wasn’t broken. Later she had taken off the broken ring for the rest of the awards night.

Amid all of this uncomfortable situation though. The jeweler on Instagram shared a pic of Taylor with the broken ring. As they captioned it “We are still forever Swifties!” along with laughing crying emoji. Overall, the awards night was incredible for Swift in terms of her win.

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