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Team NBA Star Rudy Gobert with Titan Comics for BASH! graphic novel



Rudy Gobert is a three-time NBA All-Star and Defensive Player, and next year he’s heading out for another award with a standalone graphic novel. crush! is a youth graphic novel released by Gobert through Titan Comics, an anime-influenced basketball adventure that also releases the new adult Titan imprint, Titan Nova. Rudy Gobert is a member of the French national team and the Minnesota Timberwolves. He joined the Wolves after being traded by the team that originally drafted him into the NBA nine years ago, the Utah Jazz.

Artist Vince SerranoAdidas, Sacramento Kings, Young NoddyPresents the cartoon-inspired art of crush!which tells the story of young Rudy, a poor kid from the planet Nelilia, who dreams of being a star player in BASH – a brutal version of intergalactic high-octane basketball, whose players are rock stars, legends, and gods.

“This was definitely a crazy feat when we started,” said Rudi Gobert. “I wanted to tell a story that fostered dedication and courage, which was so essential to my personal journey. I hope it will encourage readers to overcome their challenges and pursue their dreams.”

“We were deeply moved by Rudy and Vince’s passion for the comic medium,” said Titan Comics co-publishers Vivian Cheung and Nick Landau. “with crush!Readers of all ages can expect a powerfully told story with stunning artwork that draws on a wide range of influence across various media.”

crush! Titan Nova, a new imprint of Titan Comics, is launched, which looks to meet the needs of middle-grade readers, young adults ages 8-16, and curious minds of all ages.

“This is an exciting development for Titan!” Duncan Baizley, Editor of Titan Comics Acquisitions, said, “It’s always been an ambition to create something that speaks to an increasingly sophisticated and engaged YA audience, so Titan Nova is the destination I dreamed of when I was that age! We have some great books to launch and Rudy Gobert’s crush! It is the perfect address to lead the way. And we have many, many more to come and I’m sure he will become a future classic for this generation of readers.”

crush! It’s scheduled to hit bookstores, comic stores, and digital platforms on February 14, 2023. Pre-order now from Amazon (we), Company: Barnes & NobleAnd the forbidden planet (UK/Europe). Titan Nova and . logo crush! Cover and preview art can be found below.




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