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Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date: Is the wait almost over?

Ted Lasso season 2Are we actually getting close to the end of waiting for a Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date at Apple TV+? Given how long we’ve been wanting answers already, it’s felt like a near-endless loop of anticipation. It could almost feel weird once we actually do have more information on the future at this point.

Luckily, the wait is getting closer to being over, and we know that thanks to a few different things. For starters, most of the reporting out there suggests that the Jason Sudeikis comedy will return, at the latest, when we get around to the spring. Meanwhile, filming is already done and even with a long post-production process, we have a hard time thinking that the streaming service can justify anyone waiting for a substantially long time to see what is coming up next.

Typically, we know that networks and streaming services will announce start dates a few months in advance, especially when it comes to high-profile releases like this one. This allows for ample time in order to really get the world out, share teasers, and make sure that you set all of the ratings records you would want to. This is a process that plays out over several weeks, so it can’t just be crammed down into a short period of time.

Given how passionate this show’s fan base has been over the years, we do think that there will be viewership no matter when the show comes back. With that being said, there’s a lot to live up to here! The longer the hiatus, the more the anticipation grows — that’s something that we should all be aware of after enduring so many long breaks for many other shows.

For now, we would say a January announcement is likely, at least provided that season 3 (possibly the final season) launches in April.

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Is there anything that you are especially hoping for when it comes to Ted Lasso season 3?

Do you actually think we are near the end of an extremely long wait? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back for other updates you do not want us to miss. (Photo: Apple TV+.)



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