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Teen Allegedly Throws Tantrum As Mom Purchases Tesla For 16th Birthday

Republicans are among the more than half of Americans who oppose electric cars. Many people would be able to relate to the teen in this article’s anger, but not to how she expressed it to her mother.

A mother of an African American girl claimed that her daughter turned down the automobile she had given her to celebrate her 16th birthday. She bought a Tesla to celebrate her daughter turning 16; however, the adolescent girl was upset with the choice of vehicle and became irate.

The woman showed her daughter the Tesla in a video that is making the rounds on the internet, but the way she responded made her feel ungrateful.

She expressed her desire for a pink Mercedes Benz and was enraged when her mother chose another vehicle despite learning of her preference.

She was also given 1600 dollars by the widow, but the girl requested her mother to take it all back because she felt it was insufficient for her sweet sixteen birthday.





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