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Teen Who Wanted to Join Taliban Charged in New Year’s Eve Machete Attack on Police in Times Square

A teen blamed for going after three cops with a blade close to Times Square on New Year’s Eve is in the intervening time having to deal with authorities psychological oppression penalties after specialists value he deliberate on pursuing a blessed battle in opposition to the U.S. authorities throughout the curiosity of Islam.

Trevor Thomas Bickford, 19, has been accused of felonies in regards to the supposed incidence that occurred spherical 10 p.m. close to a security screening zone on West 52nd Road and eighth Road, the Branch of Equity declared in a Jan. 10 info discharge. The Wells, Maine inhabitant had proactively been accused of two counts of endeavored murder of a cop and two counts of endeavored assault, a New York Police Division advisor recently instructed Individuals.

Specialists said the suspect had pronounced “Allahu Akbar” — an Arabic expression signifying “God is perfect,” earlier to wounding and placing three officers, along with a tenderfoot who had graduated the alternative day. The officers have been hospitalized with cuts and utterly totally different wounds. During the showdown, Bickford was shot throughout the shoulder by certainly one of many harmed officers and was likewise taken to the emergency clinic. He was arrested and held with out bail throughout the wake of being let free of the emergency clinic, as per police.

The earlier summer time season, Bickford purportedly started concentrating on extremist Islamic notion system, examiners claimed in a jail objection. A portion of those provides superior the Taliban and “mirrored the lessons of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, a conspicuous extremist Islamic priest who was an otherworldly coach of al Qaeda,” specialists said.

Specialists declare that by November 2022, Bickford “devoted himself to the mission of pursuing jihad against authorities of states that he accepts are hostile to Muslim, including the U.S. Government.” He purportedly instructed a relative that he wished to make a go to to the Center East so he may be a self destruction airplane for his religion, as indicated by the protest.

Bickford in the end concluded that he wouldn’t journey abroad, and on second thought full his “jihadist mission” throughout the U.S. In December, he made a go to from Maine to New York City for the New Year’s Eve assault, accepting “all men of military age were his objectives” and needing to “kill as a considerable lot of these objectives as he could,” as per examiners.

He purportedly strolled spherical Times Square “attempting to sort out the perfect opportunity to kill,” and was said to have recounted refrains from the Quran in his ideas to “publicity himself up” for his assault, the availability states. After the episode, specialists said they recuperated two packs which contained books advancing Islamic fanaticism and an individual diary.

Bickford purportedly anticipated to die throughout the assault, writing in a Dec. 31 diary passage, “this will probably be my last section,” as per the availability.

Specialists likewise claimed that he trusted his brother, a soldier throughout the U.S. military, had “joined the positions of my adversary.”

The man later assured the assault was “ineffective” on the grounds that he killed no officers and didn’t die himself, the availability states.

In an proof gave on Jan. 4, the Legitimate Guide Society, a public safeguard affiliation addressing Bickford, said, “Until further notice, we request that the public shun making hurried determinations and to regard the security of our client’s loved ones.” He is supposed to point out up in a Manhattan authorities courtroom sometime ultimately.



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