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Tembisa Hospital corruption allegations – DA suspects cover-up




The DA’s Jack Bloom says people need to be held to account, so that money is spent properly for the health of hospital patients.

FILE: Tembisa Hospital. Picture: Louise McAuliffe/Eyewitness News.

JOHANNESBURG – Criticism continues to mount over the Gauteng government’s slow response in dealing with corruption allegations uncovered by slain whistle-blower Babita Deokaran.

The Presidency lashed out at Premier David Makhura’s office after announcing this week that an independent forensic investigator has finally been appointed.

News24 found that Deokaran flagged nearly R850 million in suspicious transactions, at the Gauteng Department of Health, just days before she was killed.


She was ambushed by hitmen outside her home in Johannesburg last year.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) said with the Presidency coming down hard on Makhura over procrastination, it will hopefully force him to address the rot in the department.

The DA is the latest to decry the fact that it’s taken a year for authorities to launch an investigation into Deokaran’s tip-offs, after an exposé uncovered the true scale of the corruption, that the late senior manager feared could cost her life.

In response to Eyewitness News, the Presidency slated the provincial government for taking almost a year to probe the damning allegations.

The DA’s Jack Bloom said while it was rare for the Presidency to be so forthright in criticising a provincial leader, it’s inexcusable that key players who have been implicated have not been suspended. These include the department’s chief financial officer Lerato Madyo and Tembisa Hospital CEO Ashley Mthunzi.

“I suspect there has been a cover-up because too many ANC people are involved. I think once and for all, we need to find out what is happening in that department, hold people accountable and make sure that money is spent properly for the health of our patients in our hospitals,” said Bloom.

Bloom said they are yet to receive details of the investigation that Makhura had promised.



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