Teri Meri Doriyaan Latest Written Update 31 May 2023

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The latest written update on today’s episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 31 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Sahibha gets information from Kulche that Mr. Oberoi said no to giving her the contract as she is a daughter-in-law of the Brar’s. Sahibha worries about her parental house but encourages the Keerat that she will do something before her house gets auctioned which is Monga house.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Angad gets ready for the wedding and asks Sahiba to hurry up. He transfers 50000 Rs to her account. Sahiba says she already warned him that she doesn’t need his help. Angad says he paid her for the jewelry designs and paid the same amount he pays to Kiara for her designs. Sahiba sends him an invoice and says she is a professional artist and sent him an invoice.

Then Mr. Chawala tells to Mongas when they are preparing for leaving their house that Sahibha sends him as the first installment of the loan so he giving time to them to repay the full loan as soon as possible and leaves the Mongas house. After all of this Monga reached the marriage venue. Sahibha still trying to stop this marriage by convincing Ajith that this marriage should not happen but Ajith tells her that both family reputation is involved now in this marriage it is too late now.

Gul and Nimmi make comments on Seerat that she is having married a third time then Angad defends Seerat that they should be ashamed of themselves who also are women and passes the comments on another woman. Garry asks him to let it go as they spoke right about Seerat. Jasleen stops him. Garry says he means why to discuss Seerat’s past.

Manveer gets worried and recalls Inder’s word that this marriage should not happen if Seerat enters this house all will be ruined. At the end of the episode, Jasleen praises Angad by saying that he did the right thing to shut up ladies’ mouths, and now Seerat will going to make Jasleen daughter-in-law so nobody can badmouth her. Follow us for more latest updates on Social telecast.

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