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Thanks, understanding and criticism: reactions to Maurer’s resignation

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Thanks, understanding and criticism: This is how politicians react to Maurer’s resignation

The parties, party presidents and politicians are reacting to the announced resignation of Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer. A selection of the reactions.

The reactions to Ueli Maurer’s resignation are different.

key stone

On Friday, SVP Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer announced his resignation at the end of the year. In a reaction, his party speaks of a “surprising” resignation, which she very much regrets. She thanks him for “his many years of great and tireless commitment to our country and our people”. His Zurich cantonal party also says thank you on Twitter.

For GLP President Jürg Grossen, Maurer is a “remarkable Federal Councilor” and “a real personality” who is stepping down. He thanks Maurer for his many years of service and wishes him all the best as a “completely normal Ueli,” he writes on Twitter. The President of the National Council, Irène Kälin, already thanks Maurer “from the bottom of my heart for his great commitment to Switzerland” and the “good cooperation” with Parliament.

Desire for two candidates to choose from

FDP President Thierry Burkart was surprised by the resignation when asked by CH Media. “I understand if you want to devote yourself to a different phase of life after 14 years in the state government,” said the Aargauer. For him, the two seats of the SVP are undisputed, since the party is the largest group. “I assume that the SVP will stick to the practice that has been established for years and will present two candidates.”

For Central National Councilor (BL), Ueli Maurer is above all human. “A quality that is becoming increasingly rare in politics,” she writes on Twitter. Juso President Nicola Siegrist sees it more critically: “With Ueli Maurer, the Federal Council is finally leaving, which has been close to the people, but is a right-wing hardliner, only made politics for the richest and supported the conspiracy scene as a Federal Councilor,” he tweeted. (abi)



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