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With reports that the Obi-Wan Kenobi series might be getting a second season (via Variety) and Ahsoka still yet to be released, Star Wars has proven to be one of the most successful entertainment franchises in Hollywood. However, there’s no doubt that the franchise can also be something of a paradox, for while many love it, its fans can also be quite prone to turning against what they perceive to be problems. In particular, they have expressed a variety of desires that, at least according to the present state of affairs, would violate the canon that has been established since Disney bought the franchise.

The users of Reddit have helpfully identified a number of these very fascinating, if potentially troubling, storylines that could make for a very different Star Wars. While they might not prove to be a hit with everyone, they will stick out in the viewers’ minds – even hours later.

Stormtroopers Actually Being Effective

It has to be said that the Stormtroopers do not rank among the most effective fighters in the Galaxy. In fact, they have become synonymous with incompetence, given how frequently they are overcome by their adversaries.

MysterClark writes that they would like it if “Stormtroopers [could] actually be the elite troops they’re supposed to be. If anything they’re leaning into them being those lame incompetent henchmen we hate in every other movie.” Given how frequently they are defeated, having them actually become effective would be a violation of canon, even if it might also make them more compelling villains.

Seeing Luke And Leia As Partners

Luke and Leia are both some of the best characters to have appeared in the Star Wars franchise. Though the viewer doesn’t often see them together, it is nevertheless clear that they share an extraordinary bond. Thus, it’s not surprising that DCmarvelman, for one, expresses a desire to see “Luke and Leia as Jedi partners like Obi-Wan/Anakin.”

Though they are revealed to have trained at least for a time together, this sort of relationship would require a transformation of the existing canon, which sees Luke and Leia on very different trajectories, as she becomes more politically involved and Luke eventually goes into exile.

Changing Finn’s Storyline

Though he ultimately emerged as one of the best characters in the sequel trilogy, there were many who were (and are) dissatisfied with the way that Finn’s storyline progressed. Some on Reddit think that Finn would have benefited from being depicted as a more hard-edged warrior, with his feelings ground out of him by the training as a Stormtrooper.

Evilchumlee elaborates: “The humor comes from him finding his humanity, along with a sub-plot of him igniting a stormtrooper rebellion.” Compelling as this storyline might be, it would definitely violate Finn’s canonical storyline.

Seeing R2 And Chewie Together

One of the things that have always made Star Wars so entertaining is its surfeit side characters, and this includes Chewie and R2-D2. Though they have relatively few scenes together, they are two of those who manage to survive both the original trilogy and the sequel. It’s, therefore, not at all surprising that some Reddit users would want to see them together.

Sodium111 expresses a wish to view “The adventures of Chewie and R2 in the years between episodes 3 and 4.” Though this might violate the canon as it currently exists, it is certainly a story that would entertain many viewers.

Having A Proper New Republic

One of the many things that fans objected to in the sequel trilogy was its depiction of the New Republic. Far from being a paragon of order and stability in the aftermath of the fall of the Empire, it became clear that this new organization was as ineffective as its predecessor.

Dani_esp95 calls for “​​A proper New Republic with a proper New Jedi Order, and a good representation of Master Luke Skywalker.” Much as it might have broken existing canon, it would certainly have made for a more optimistic view of the aftermath of the Empire’s defeat than viewers ultimately received.

Redoing The Entire Sequel Trilogy

Though the sequel trilogy managed to impress many people with its ability to both stay true to the spirit of Star Wars and yet break into its own territory, it was not to everyone’s liking. Indeed, some of the more vehement users of Reddit have called for its abandonment altogether.

PiedPeterPiper puts it this way: “I’d love for a sequel trilogy to be officially retconned and replaced.” Though, as other users point out, this is unlikely to occur, it does beg the question of what a different sort of sequel trilogy might look like.

Bringing Various Jedi Back Into Canon

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, they jettisoned many of the storylines that had, up until that time, occupied the fans’ imaginations, rebranding them as “Legends.” One of the casualties of this was Kyle Katarn, one of the Jedi who played a key role in several video games.

Miserable-Tipp4099 says that Katarn is “the most charismatic Force user to ever have existed. Anything with him in the main role would just print money.”  Given how popular this figure is with the fanbase, it might be worth it for Disney to break canon to break him back.

Making Thrawn The Centerpiece Of A Sequel Trilogy

There are few Star Wars villains as powerful or as influential as Thrawn. The star of his own novel trilogy (which helped to establish the Expanded Universe), he has since been brought back into canon through his appearance in several animated series.

There are those, however, who would like to see him restored to his pride of place in a sequel trilogy, even though doing so would violate the new canon. Arturoalvarez79, for example, puts it simply: “Remake the sequel trilogy based on the legend books with Thrawn as the main adversary.”

Having Luke Restore The Jedi

Luke Skywalker is one of the most notable Jedi in the entire series, which is what makes his decision to abolish them in the sequel trilogy all the more astonishing (and infuriating) for many fans. BreakinOnThru writes of their desire to see “Luke restoring the Jedi..”

While this would certainly break the newly-established Disney canon, it would also present a more optimistic–and far less cynical–view of the Jedi and their purpose in the Galaxy, as well as restore Luke to some of his former grandeur.

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