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The AHS: Hotel Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Anyone born between July 23 and August 22 is a Leo, the lion. Leos are often magnetic personalities, and like many other fire signs, tend to hold a lot of self-confidence. Leos are fueled by their warm energy and colorful personalities. They’re the life of the party, and when a Leo enters the room, everyone tends to notice.

The main Leo from “American Horror Story: Hotel” is undoubtedly the Countess. Expertly brought to life by Lady Gaga, the Countess exudes the same confidence, style, and impeccable sense of fashion as the actor, only with a deadly, bloodthirsty vampiric side. Considering that four of the ten main cast characters are in love with the Countess (along with a host of side characters), it’s clear just how much power her personality holds over her peers. Leos also have very high standards in everything they do and wear. The Countess is never seen wearing anything but the most unique, high fashion outfits, and her sense of style is one of the season’s best elements.

However, the Countess also displays many of the more negative aspects of a Leo, including their often strong jealousy. In Episode 6, when Liz Taylor, whom she has long been close friends with, tells her that she loves one of the Countess’ flings, Tristan Duffy, the Countess tells Liz that she doesn’t share — and murders Tristan so he can’t be with either of them.



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