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The Alex Miller Detail That Has Worst Roommate Ever Fans Scratching Their Heads

After posting an opening to rent out her spare room, Alex Miller drew the attention of serial squatter Jamison Bachman, who pretended to be a lawyer named “Jed Creek” so he could move in. He then proceeded to turn the homeowner’s life into a living nightmare. Miller recounts the horrific events in great detail in “Worst Roommate Ever,” but some viewers believe that her interview segments seemed a little off. 

A discussion on the “Worst Roommate Ever” subreddit proposes that Alex was drunk as she didn’t seem fully compos mentis. “She slurred all of her words and talked so slow and weird,” wrote u/promitius. “She got on my nerves so much at times.”

Fellow Redditor u/daftfunk22 agreed with this segment, while also questioning why Alex didn’t do any research on Bachman before he moved in. “I agree! Something seems off, they wrote. “Also why didn’t Alex google his name and phone number before she agreed to meet him?? She had to have her mom do that simple thing? She seems like an airhead.”

Some Redditors disagreed with these observations, though. According to u/fugmalaf, she didn’t come across as drunk on the show, but they wouldn’t blame her if she was after the traumatic ordeal. A random stranger entered her life and tried to ruin it, after all.



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