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‘The Amazing Race’ Packing Rules: 6 Items Contestants Can’t and Can Bring

On The Amazing Race, contestants travel the world for approximately 21 to 30 days, competing in mental and physical challenges at every destination. They face all kinds of conditions and cultures. Surprisingly, though, contestants aren’t really told what they need to pack — it’s a lot of guesswork. Most items are fair game to bring along, but some are forbidden. Here are some Amazing Race packing rules that determine what to leave at home, plus some things contestants can and should put in their packs.

Emily Bushnell and Claire Rehfuss on ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34 | CBS

Can’t bring: Their own money

People don’t often leave their wallets behind when traveling, but it’s a must on The Amazing Race. Per the rules, contestants are not allowed to use their own cash or credit/debit cards to buy things during the race. Instead, as executive producer Elise Doganieri told People, each team gets “leg money” at the start of each episode.



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