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‘The Amazing Race’: When Will CBS Bring Back Commercial Flights?

The Amazing Race fans have a long wait until season 35 premieres on CBS. But in the meantime, we can rewatch our favorite seasons and speculate about what’s to come. And one of the hottest topics surrounding the most recent races is the charter plane. So will the charter return in The Amazing Race 35? Or do fans have to wait even longer for “airport drama” and commercial flights to make a comeback?

Claire Rehfuss | Photo by Dillon Sherlock/CBS via Getty Images

COVID-19 changed the format of ‘The Amazing Race’ on CBS

The cast and crew filmed three legs of The Amazing Race 33 in early 2020 before CBS shut down production and forced everyone to return home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Filming didn’t resume until September 2021, and when it did, the competition looked a lot different.



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